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Daybreak is a late night raiding guild that strives to accomplish as much as possible on an alternative schedule. We are a laid back and polite guild comprised of members that are very skillful at their respective classes.


Mythic Koragh

Figit a posted Wed at 20:03

Mythic Koragh

Mythic: Tectus

Figit a posted Jan 17, 15
Mythic: Textus

Mythic: The Butcher

Figit a posted Jan 17, 15
Mythic: The Butcher
Avido Unacceptable. I should not have to scroll to see our glory!
Figit a Avido, your lack of vision worries me, just scroll down a little bit and youll see the glory of the warlocks. plus I wa ...
Avido What happened to the Warlock picture? How are we going to get any apps without the Warlock picture?!?!?!

Warlocks of Daybreak

Figit a posted Oct 12, 14
Warlocks of Daybreak
Snuffymcmoo I see the warlocks are still at it. ^^
Zamn omg can someone delete this please otherwise no one will join us for wod. stupid warlocks
Kennypowers ............

Garrosh Hellscream 25

Figit a posted Apr 29, 14
Heroic 25 Garrosh Hellscream
Sativaus So nice guys, glad I could be around to experience that. Thanks for holding it down like that.
Battery Put that fucker in the ground!
Kennypowers Good job guys!! Let's go make a reddit post about with our wipe count so the entire world can start flaming!